First Impression

They know you. That’s what they think! Those brutal eyes know nothing else, except to make judgements, false judgements. They scan you first, they observe you next and then they assume based on their ‘beautiful’ past. So simple, so dumb! Things happen. Situations happen. Impressions change. Damn first impressions! First impression ain’t the last impression... Continue Reading →

Connected Yet Unattached

In this beautiful yet dog-eat-dog world, it is easy to lose your individual sense of being. Your personal identification of yourself gets affected, mostly due to external factors. This is surprisingly common in modern times where everyone is attempting to please everyone else, totally neglecting his or her own desires. And when gloomy things happen... Continue Reading →


Love is a beautiful thing. It teaches you to take care of your partner, protect her, fulfill her wants, her needs and her desires. Love gives you a power you've never realized before. A power that things can be learned, turned and twisted for all that you and your lover have dreamt of together. Love... Continue Reading →

Inspired Living

What you've seen and felt, no one can ever do What you've gained and lost, no one can ever have There's a world within that you carry yourself You and only you realise all that. Learn from your experiences for they are gems Ordinarily overlooked by an unconscious soul They carry within themselves elements you... Continue Reading →

The First Kiss

In an upscale bar of Los Angeles... Federar: I want to kiss you. Nancy:  Why do you want to kiss me, Mister? [She said mischievously] Federar: Because I find you hot, gorgeous, to-be-mine. Nancy: Alright. Federar: But I’ll kiss you later. Nancy: O....k. And? Federar: And that’s that, I guess. He confessed with a flirty and... Continue Reading →

Break-up Letter.

Dear, It's not you, it's me! We have been in a relationship for sometime now, shared good and bad moments, and grown together. My feelings for you have increased dramatically, to the extent that you've influenced my soul, mind and body. Most of my actions today - rather inaction(s) - are a result of that!... Continue Reading →

The Little Wonders of Life

Life's a bed of roses with thorns. Bad days in the form of monsters come and smile. They spread their wings and flaunt their power. Thankfully, good days too! The sole element that remains constant is the change of time, the alteration. Change is constant, and so is the oscillation of the pendulum. This to... Continue Reading →

A Sweet Memory to Last a Lifetime

I’m a painter, an artist by profession. I live in a cottage-like house in the town of Manali. This spacious and an almost perfect house was given to me in the form of ancestral love and heritage. Since my childhood I had been here and had gradually become fond of it. The mesmerizing atmosphere of... Continue Reading →

The World is My Piano

I’m God. Omnipresent. Omnipotent. I have created everything- from the minutest of the minute to the vastness of the Universe. This world is a part of me. This world is even within me. What you see is a reality and it’s an illusion at the next instance. There’s change between the two and this change... Continue Reading →

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