“Masterji!” – A Name I Like to Live By

"Masterji!" she called. "Haan beta." I replied. "Aapne kuch laya?" Searching through my bundle of letters for her mother's name, I finally said "Nahi beta. Par main aapke liye kuch aur laya hoon." I extended my hand to give her a Mango Bite. She smiled cutely without losing a second. The small girl standing in... Continue Reading →

“Learn to live with it!” – A Father-Daughter Conversation

One night my teenage daughter and I were sitting on the sofa and watching television. My daughter Vivian was 16 and quite mature for her age . Thankfully, she wasn't a fan of MTV or showed much teenage tantrums which are common for youngsters. The credit goes to her mother who had been the pillar... Continue Reading →

Three Friends and A Small Truth

The Sun was descending in the evening sky looking spectacular in all it's glory. The playful sea waves touched the shores time and again, retreating seconds afterwards. Some tourists relaxed in the sweet spots while few others played the outdoorsy beach games, taking fullest advantage of their vacation. I was sitting in a modest, sea-side... Continue Reading →

“Please Give Me Some Food!”

"Please give me some food!" he kept asking every time a pedestrian passed by. He didn't look at their clothes or belongings. He just begged. I saw this beggar everyday as my modest restaurant in Beach Road, Australia was just across the street where he daily stationed himself. He had a long beard, brown eyes... Continue Reading →

The First Kiss

In an upscale bar of Los Angeles... Federar: I want to kiss you. Nancy:  Why do you want to kiss me, Mister? [She said mischievously] Federar: Because I find you hot, gorgeous, to-be-mine. Nancy: Alright. Federar: But I’ll kiss you later. Nancy: O....k. And? Federar: And that’s that, I guess. He confessed with a flirty and... Continue Reading →

A Sweet Memory to Last a Lifetime

I’m a painter, an artist by profession. I live in a cottage-like house in the town of Manali. This spacious and an almost perfect house was given to me in the form of ancestral love and heritage. Since my childhood I had been here and had gradually become fond of it. The mesmerizing atmosphere of... Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Had a Dream

Winter had approached. The chilling breeze of early morning was acting severely on my body. To keep my body temperature moderate, I was wearing thick clothes and warming myself in front of the fire. I was in the garden of my mansion-like house. A few seconds had passed and I opened the local newspaper that... Continue Reading →

My Small Room on the Roof

I was staring out at the peaceful night. There were sounds down there in the streets, but I was away from it. I was distant from the noise and horns of the moving vehicles, because I was sitting in the thirteenth floor of my building. I am no rich guy, I never have been. I... Continue Reading →

My Diary

I see them buying candies. I see them playing with toys. I ask God, “Who am I?”. God does not reply. I see them wearing costly clothes, I see them enjoying. I, again, ask God “Who am I?”. God still does not reply. A thousand questions. A thousand unanswered questions left in my mind. I... Continue Reading →

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