Be Happy against COVID-19.

I know you have grown tired of COVID-19 and listening about it. Your patience is wearing out! You want to step into a world where everything is back to normal, not the 'new normal' and you are morally right to pray for that. While there's a grim reality, you getting frustrated by constant nagging of... Continue Reading →

Read. For the Love of God – Just Read!

Do you really want to be an author? You read. Reading is elementary. What breathing is for an organism reading is for a writer. Read anything. Become moody about it. Read thrillers, romance, science fiction - anything you wish to set your eyes on. Read during the day. Read at night. Read when you like,... Continue Reading →

This time on ‘Writing’

How would you define a Phoenix? Oxford Learners Dictionary defines it as 'a magic bird that lives for several hundred years before burning itself and then being born again from its ashes'. Cambridge defines it as 'an imaginary bird that set fire to itself every 500 years and was born again, rising from its ashes'.... Continue Reading →

COVID 19 – The Night You Didn’t Expect.

The Night has fallen with graves settling here and everywhere. The wolves howl out loud facing the darkness that tames them beyond their control. These ferocious dogs of the forests run and chase but teethless they remain. Surrendered. Powerless in the eyes of the dreadful night that has eclipsed the shine of the day. This... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 and Time Travel

Till decades ago, families and relatives spent time together and the bond of love, trust and brotherhood was strongly intact. The older generation narrated stories and experiences of their past while the younger generation attentively listened to them. When the kids had doubts, they asked naively and got it cleared. Homely food prepared on chullah... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Mr. KS Rajanna

(I interviewed Mr. KS Rajanna as a part of my project. He has represented India in Paralympic Games. He is the Karnataka Commissioner for people with a disabilities. Watching him work and carrying out his everyday tasks with utmost ease is a treat to the eyes.)

A Story of the Poor.

I was in a slum of Bangalore city. While I was searching for the right person to talk to for an encroachment story, my eyes fell on an ugly shabbily-dressed woman who must be in her fifties. As I was walking towards her, I observed her night gown was brown in color. It looked dirty.... Continue Reading →

Relocation of Patiala House- not that good an idea!

Patiala House will soon be relocated to Rouse Avenue, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg.  It is supposed to be constructed near the Comptroller and Auditor General of India building. The city’s ‘Public Works Department’  has already started its construction. According to the plan, the new court premise will have a double basement parking capacity for about... Continue Reading →

Just Not One Another

A missing boy in the midst of the crowd… What can be more surprisingly baffling for a father who has just picked up the daily newspaper for the purpose of casual reading? And there he observes the picture of his son- the only son who he had been hunting for the past one year. Finding... Continue Reading →

Narrative from a Foreigner

With the arrival in the new country, I was being greeted by some of the people I hardly knew. But they welcomed me with a board of my name. Within hours, my life had undergone a drastic change. This change was good. In a new culture, tradition I had to cope up. I had to understand these... Continue Reading →

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