I’m a Soldier Just Like Your Son

Oh Mother, I’m a soldier just like your son I stand feebly on your doorstep here and now To tell you a sweet story of my close friend He has left me forever and, sadly, I saw how.   He had a strong soul, mind and heart And he was a valiant fighter too He …

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My Dead Friend

(Fictional Setup: Antony crying seeing the dead body of Julius Caesar. He wails and poeticizes) The blinking stars The vast sky Is calling thy name, my friend You have fallen asleep So deep, So quietly That even the silence appears noisy. To my highly awakened heart.   The heavenly voice is growing louder O my …

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  [THIS POEM ELABORATES THAT HOW AN INDIVIDUAL IS BORN AND SLOWLY PASSING THROUGH THE “WORLD OF MEN” ie the world of corruption, misery and treachery he finally reaches DEATH which is “splendid”{in the last stanza}]   Isn’t it beautiful” he thought to himself, Life is just a momentary elf Lending us problems like it …

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