A Boy’s Sanctuary

A butterfly fluttered over the mountain stream Where a graceful deer quenched its thirst The mountain stream held age-old memories Of humans and animals it relentlessly nursed. A boy sat under an orange Gulmohar Admiring the spectacle right before him After listening to the songs of birds for hours so long He dived into the... Continue Reading →

My Lost Kingdom

A shimmering light has approached this shore Originating from my native land A territory very far from here Was swept away from my wealthy hand.I am the lost King who ruled the kingdom That you see a hundred miles away I had the love of my people and for them I laid down democratic and... Continue Reading →

My Desperate Attempt to Return Home

COVID-19 has compelled migrant workers to return to their hometowns as they are without job, money, shelter and food. With vehicular movement restrictions, they have to walk for hundreds of miles to reach their respective places. Few days ago, a 12-year old girl lost her life when she was returning from Telangana to Chattisgarh. She... Continue Reading →

My Dead Friend

(Fictional Setup: Antony crying seeing the dead body of Julius Caesar. He wails and poeticizes) The blinking starsThe vast skyIs calling thy name, my friend. You have fallen asleepSo deep, so quietlyThat even the silence appears noisy.To my highly awakened heart. The heavenly voice is growing louderO my friend! Why are you not waking up?Even... Continue Reading →

The Dark Boulevard

The black cloth has been laid upon the boulevardIt has changed its appearance size and shape from all that we had heardThe insects of the night are out and making their presence feltThis moment is not gonna stand here still, it is so soon gonna meltI don’t know what draws me closer to the darker... Continue Reading →

A Calling

Who’s the lover that’s calling my name?In the midst of the night she has no shameI hear her once, I hear her againSomething’s outlandish, something’s strange. The night has settled, the people are inNothing can be heard, perhaps the dropping pinWhile I was resting to sleep, I heard my nameShe is calling me again, she... Continue Reading →

The Sound That Brings to Light

An otherwise quiet earth asks me hereWhat have I done, done to you?A serving land is given to you by me, my friendBut you still tramp on me like you never knew. The waters have chased to cities you’ve knownAnd some towns that people have hardly walked onRekindling the glow of society stillI am doing... Continue Reading →


This poem elaborates that how an individual is born and slowly passing through the 'World of Men' i.e. the world of corruption, misery and treachery. He finally reaches death which is 'splendid'. "Isn’t it beautiful?” he thought to himself,Life is just a momentary elfLending us problems like it were a gift,Ticking of time- making it... Continue Reading →

Morning Prayer

This morning I see a significant sightIt’s keeping me numb, it’s keeping me light.A splendid thought runs in mindFor it is difficult to know and uneasy to find.Gorgeous looks everything, gorgeous looks the skyNothing is bad, bad is nothing- it is but a momentary lie.Solemn is the moment I spend, solemn is the joy.I am... Continue Reading →

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