Be Happy against COVID-19.

I know you have grown tired of COVID-19 and listening about it. Your patience is wearing out! You want to step into a world where everything is back to normal, not the ‘new normal’ and you are morally right to pray for that. While there’s a grim reality, you getting frustrated by constant nagging of Coronavirus updates is but natural. It’s human to be disheartened by the harsh reality which we are collectively facing. We must get our minds off it. Optimism along with patience and good health has to be our focus. We need to see the bright side of life around us now… more than ever. We can’t go out for safety concerns but we can bring the world to us. Virtually. We can derive secondary pleasure from the far and unknown in our own way.

In the world of internet where everything is available to everyone, good content that makes you smile is also available. Everything is a matter of choice in life and during this pandemic we have to learn this lesson. We can make use of the virtual world in a healthy way! We can limit our time of watching news on TV or reading notifications on social media which is single-mindedly bickering about COVID-19 and instead, focus on videos that resurface positive emotions. Travel drone videos of dreamy places such as Switzerland, Norway, Alps and Hawaai are good examples. Right in the comfort of home, they offer relaxation and mental peace with gorgeous sights and soothing music. You can even doze off watching them. [Unfortunately, I’m getting no money for promoting such videos πŸ˜‰ ]




If you have a little more time…

(Their related videos are equally good.)

With work from home concept widely in action , I understand some of us wish to minimize our screen time. We want to be away from screens. Be it of mobile, laptop or TV. If you have such an intention, you have taken the right stand, my friend. Respecting your body needs, lie down in your soft bed and hear podcasts on platforms such as Amazon Music. You have a bunch of them here: . You can also go for instrumental music playlists that eases you up.

On holidays, you and your family can engage in card and board games like Scrabble, Ludo, UNO, Snakes & Ladders, Carrom and Scotland Yard. Your childhood was filled with such moments of laughter and joy. Why not bring them back to life… pun intended.

Keeping your mind strong is of paramount importance for survival during COVID-19. Panicking is no way out. To maintain optimism, you can also keep certain quotes in mind during the day.

Have you thought of meditation and never got the time? Try it now! Meditation is another great technique for optimism. You meditate everyday. Mornings are the best time for it. You breathe in and out repetitively. You own your breaths, the control of your body and mind takes place. Prolong your patience by engaging in new hobbies like sketching, painting, learning new languages and instruments. There’s a world of options! Simply google search for finding the best as per your interests and convenience.

Writing a journal is another excellent outlet for emotions. You write happy and sad things. Your personal diary becomes your best friend. Every morning, you can write three things you are grateful to your God for. It can be as basic as food, shelter and clothes. Thank for the the smallest of things!

Your state of mind is in your hands. Others can influence, only if you let them. “You have the power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius

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