A Boy’s Sanctuary

A butterfly fluttered over the mountain stream

Where a graceful deer quenched its thirst

The mountain stream held age-old memories

Of humans and animals it relentlessly nursed.

A boy sat under an orange Gulmohar

Admiring the spectacle right before him

After listening to the songs of birds for hours so long

He dived into the mountain stream for a brisk swim.

However, when the clouds hovered over the mountain stream

The visibility grew rather thin

The boy continued to sit and hum

The melodious music of his grandmother’s violin.

When the raindrops touched his little black head

Facing the sky he greeted them well

For they were his friends closest of sorts

And he was lost profoundly under their spell.

Nature was his home and he belonged there

“Never I want to live in a city.” he said

“My sanctuary has a mountain stream even you’d love.

I won’t trade that for a city life!” he pled.

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