Read. For the Love of God – Just Read!

Do you really want to be an author? You read. Reading is elementary. What breathing is for an organism reading is for a writer. Read anything. Become moody about it. Read thrillers, romance, science fiction – anything you wish to set your eyes on. Read during the day. Read at night. Read when you like, also if others dislike the notion. Read in your room, read in your dining space, read in the public libraries, read in the recreational areas, read in a bus, read in a park – just damn read. Don’t let your thoughts go boring. Read like there’s no tomorrow! Read with an inextinguishable fire within you. Reading is indulging in a story, becoming one with the protagonist, revenging with the antagonist and doing what is right. Reading is an art – a serious toy for the artist. You read in your own way. You analyze the sentences, the punctuations, the paragraphs, the sequence and then finally the context. You look at the emotions, the actions, every little thing possible. If you skipped or missed some, you lose a lot. You lose a part of yourself that you could have gained through the author’s creation. Reading is for the determined soul, for the individual seeking enlightenment. You read. You read. You read.

9 thoughts on “Read. For the Love of God – Just Read!

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      1. Truely,reading can give you the peace in mind with no haywire thoughts!very well written,your passion for reading is visible

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      1. नव वर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।


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