This time on ‘Writing’

How would you define a Phoenix? Oxford Learners Dictionary defines it as ‘a magic bird that lives for several hundred years before burning itself and then being born again from its ashes’. Cambridge defines it as ‘an imaginary bird that set fire to itself every 500 years and was born again, rising from its ashes’. Fancy, huh?

Being a human, you can’t bodily do that. Of course, scientists are attempting to immortalize us humans in one form or another, but is it really a ‘replacement’? Or are we only beating our chest proudly for something that is largely insignificant in the vast universe of things? While scientists are trying to battle the hard-core reality of human mortality that exists, the masses are on their own attempting to discover themselves internally. A sense of introspection is gaining ground of late. People now are more ready to accept the mental, emotional and physical challenges they can potentially experience in the times to come. You talk to a psychologist as a subject, he/she will guide you to write a dairy, express your feelings in it. You talk to a teacher as a pupil, he/she will guide you to note down the ideas you have in your mind for an assignment. Writing clears one’s thoughts and ideas. Introspection takes place. You look back at your memories, you question yourself. Authors and writers of novels, short stories, poems need to introspect wildly to give birth to masterpieces. It is an undeniable truth. They experience their past, present and possible future and fictionalize it in a story form. By their narrations, they do good to the society. They show to the audience the good, bad and ugly side of things. Unknowingly, these storytellers through introspection have rewarded themselves with humility, empathy and compassion. They have grown up like the Phoenix, burned themselves down like the Phoenix (again) and risen like the Phoenix (yet again). This is an unending cycle. With every story, they have already set the cycle of birth-rebirth in motion. These storytellers have, on their own way, achieved immortality they had never asked or aimed for.

Writing is an enlightening process, so never hesitate to do it. It can be your outward personality or your little secret. It can be anything as long as it is your possession.

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