My Lost Kingdom

A shimmering light has approached this shore

Originating from my native land

A territory very far from here

Was swept away from my wealthy hand.

I am the lost King who ruled the kingdom

That you see a hundred miles away

I had the love of my people and for them

I laid down democratic and just ways.

But a conqueror snatched my liberty

Deceptively my love from all persons

And I was left to witness here

Only the rising of the Suns.

Yet in this dawn I see another light

Coming from my native land.

It’s telling me time, time and again

To follow the footprints of the crystal sand.

This sand will lead me to the region

To where I truly belong

The thirst to re-gain my kingdom

Has begun from this day’s beautiful dawn.

Let no spirit be wasted and mind be ruined

By redundant aimless thoughts

For I have formed a mind map of my success

That now I dedicatedly need to sort.

Here I tread with the head held high

And a mighty lion heart

To win my kingdom and people back

As I’m ready to taste the bitter part.

5 thoughts on “My Lost Kingdom

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  1. Adarsh, this is beautiful. I feel like it represents more than what is says at face value. Would love to hear from you more about that.


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