COVID 19 – The Night You Didn’t Expect.

The Night has fallen with graves settling here and everywhere. The wolves howl out loud facing the darkness that tames them beyond their control. These ferocious dogs of the forests run and chase but teethless they remain. Surrendered. Powerless in the eyes of the dreadful night that has eclipsed the shine of the day. This night is a long one with aplenty nightmares. Soulless. Horrific. Horrendous and Frightful. Dreams have shattered. Hope hopeless. Countless nights have come before but none so dark. So grave. So unimaginable. Is this night endless? Will the Sun come out fearlessly again? Will there be a ray of hope again? Or will the night keep playing hide and seek? Threatening, re-threatening creatures of the Earth. For years or decades. Creating mountains of dead bodies. Nameless. Unclaimed. This night surely won’t go unforgotten.

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    1. Yes. Restoring normalcy is a task for all of us. Thanks for reading my blog post. You can follow it too.


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