My Desperate Attempt to Return Home

COVID-19 has compelled migrant workers to return to their hometowns as they are without job, money, shelter and food. With vehicular movement restrictions, they have to walk for hundreds of miles to reach their respective places.

Few days ago, a 12-year old girl lost her life when she was returning from Telangana to Chattisgarh. She sadly lost her life on the way. Taking an inspiration from this incident, I have created this poem. Let’s read on…

“O Father!” I cried when I breathed my last
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I glimpsed my past
I had a poor family. We slept hungrily most of the nights
Until an uncle told my father “Send her to me. I’ll make her future bright”
With a heavy heart, I bid my family goodbye
Naively I said “I will come back soon!” with a tearful eye.

Together my uncle and I walked for hundred of miles
With hope in my heart and innocent smiles
I worked hard and harder in the city I stayed
In the desperate attempt to make myself distinctly ‘self-made’
I earned a little and faced the wrath of the world
Fearfully slept every night in a corner curled.

And then the deadly pandemic spread like wildfire everywhere
We lost our jobs and shelters, left with only hopeful prayers
Times were tough and we had to anyhow return home
Walked for miles and miles till the sun shone
My lips grew dry, my body weak
Still I advanced for my home the only thing I seeked.

The blazing Sun and rough conditions took a toll on me
As I couldn’t get what I truly wanted to see
My family together pampering me before my peaceful sleep
The only love I yearn for that runs so deep.

(Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction. I do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect or religion.)

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