Played Chhupan Chhupai or Aankh Micholi? Be childlike.

Loved your childhood? Remember the outdoor games you played with your dearest friends? Games like Chhupan Chhupai, Maara Pitti, Aankh Micholi, Langdi Taang, Statue, Chain Chain, Dog and the Bone. The list could go on!

These fun outdoor games made you happy. You ran, laughed, teased and even lied to save yourself in the game. You were just a child. Nobody held you in the court of law for the little mischievous deceptions you did every now and then. The world was your playground. You were genuinely alive!

As years passed by, you grew up. You turned responsible for one thing, then another and then yet another. You learned to ‘mend’ your behaviour. What you did unthinkably before resurfaced in your conscious mind. You doubted yourself and ‘learnt’ what was taught to you. You are in a society. You are a citizen. There are social norms. You need to abide by them to be ‘appreciated’, ‘respected’ and ‘promoted’ in the social classes. By the end of it all, you nearly lost your true self and forgotten the childlike and even childish ways. By the time you realize that you have lost yourself you are standing in front of your grave with a grey hair and flaky skin. This regeneration of false identity has cost you heavily. Congrats!

How to beat this? Be childlike. Don’t let external voices or your age, hold you down. Play safe outdoor games. If you play Aankh Micholi or Dog and the Bone again, you won’t be fined. If you stand for yourself in life, you won’t be jailed. Believe in yourself, your experiences.

10 thoughts on “Played Chhupan Chhupai or Aankh Micholi? Be childlike.

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  1. I had forgotten these lovely games we used to play..its like reviving the old thought once again through your story..gud work adi..keep writing๐Ÿ˜Š


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