“Please Give Me Some Food!”

“Please give me some food!” he kept asking every time a pedestrian passed by. He didn’t look at their clothes or belongings. He just begged.

I saw this beggar everyday as my modest restaurant in Beach Road, Australia was just across the street where he daily stationed himself. He had a long beard, brown eyes and dry, flaky skin. Whenever he spoke, he sounded astonishingly convincing. Passersby tried their best to ignore him. He was a beggar not worthy of their attention, of course! However, their eyes landed on him unknowingly.

There was something mysterious about him. What exactly was it? I couldn’t understand. I am sure that I didn’t alone felt this helplessness. On daily basis, while I read the newspaper with a hot cup of tea, I saw a black limousine halt in front of him. A sophisticated man in his mid-fifties came out and paid him. He invariably wore a neat black coat. He didn’t pay the other homeless people sitting nearby but just this bearded beggar. This was odd, no doubt.

One day finally, I made up my mind and crossing the street asked the richie rich man in black coat…

I: Sir, who are you?

Man in Black: Why do you ask?

I: Everyday I see you get out of your limousine and pay this bearded man. There are other such people around here but you ignore them. Why only him, if I may ask. It is unconventional.”

Man in Black: I am Robert, the owner of a multi-billionaire company. This person you see here (pointing at the bearded beggar) was my partner in the business.”

I: Sorry. What?! What do you mean?

Robert: Yes. The guy you see here was a multi-billionaire too. Coming from a lesser-privileged family of India, settling in Australia and beating the odds he worked his way up. He had a beautiful wife and a cute kid. In an unpredictably life-threatening scenario, he lost his kid. Long story short, his wife left him and he faced severe financial problems due to the infamous nation-wide fraud that occurred in 2017. Today he is here.

I: Unbelievable!

Robert: Yes. When time was on his side, he was a like a Sun. Burning with power and shining mightily over his adversaries and friends alike. He had also represented our country in internationally-acclaimed conferences. Could you have guessed that?

I: No. Then why don’t you take him home to take care of him?

Robert (in a hushed voice): To be frank with you, I did. But ever since the bankruptcy and failed marriage, he has lost his sense of direction.

I: What do you mean?

Robert: He suffers from Pyromania, a type of a mental disorder. Another time, when he was at my home, he was showing signs of schizophrenia. It scared my wife. Everyone least expects sanity, obviously.

“Obviously.” I repeated.

Robert: Anyway, I should take off now. Meetings ahead!

I: Oh yes. Sure. Thanks for giving me your time. See you around.

Robert: Pleasure.

Robert left and I went back to my restaurant. To this day, I see the bearded beggar. He continues to ask for food, a basic necessity of life, to pedestrians. I offer him nearly everyday. Who would have actually thought that he was lavishly rich till sometime back.

Every person has a story to tell. Stories that they have experienced either as the protagonist or as a sidekick. In the midst of this chaos called ‘life’ they have forgotten to narrate it. A narration which can teach every individual innumerable life lessons. Talk to the person sitting beside or in front of you, you will be amazed by their stories.

8 thoughts on ““Please Give Me Some Food!”

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  1. Nice little descriptively positive story. Don’t judge a book by its cover. There is always more to it. Talk to the next person. Good message!


    1. Very well thought of story..what i could carve out of this story is that time changes..we should always be thankful to god for whatever we have and cherish this gifted life. U never know..what’s in store for future.


  2. Nice story!this gives a lesson to everyone,to be humble and polite in your good days,which doesn’t stay always
    Life has different turns!


  3. Nice and worthy read.
    There’s so much we can learn from the things we pay little attention to.


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