Connected Yet Unattached

In this beautiful yet dog-eat-dog world, it is easy to lose your individual sense of being. Your personal identification of yourself gets affected, mostly due to external factors. This is surprisingly common in modern times where everyone is attempting to please everyone else, totally neglecting his or her own desires. And when gloomy things happen to him, his world falls apart. He loses his sense of direction. In such a situation, how does he cope up and re-gain his strengths?

The solution is simple yet demanding. The solution is a philosophical bent of mind. The solution is to stay connected yet unattached. Don’t find it workable? Think of a lotus flower which despite staying in water never gets wet. If a little flower can flaunt this attribute, why can’t you! If your identification is solely dependent on internal factors, undeterred by what’s happening around you, you can be at peace and enjoy happiness unconditionally. What else do you crave for? ‘Peace’ to ‘happiness’ to ‘success’ becomes a foreseeable chain of events.

One thought on “Connected Yet Unattached

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  1. Difficult yet practical
    Tough yet not impossible
    Slow yet achievable
    Try it out……..
    May succeed
    Excellent article


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