Love is a beautiful thing. It teaches you to take care of your partner, protect her, fulfill her wants, her needs and her desires. Love gives you a power you’ve never realized before. A power that things can be learned, turned and twisted for all that you and your lover have dreamt of together. Love is never egocentric, inconsiderate or thoughtless. Instead, love is positive, selfless and inspirational. Love is blissful, pure and untampered. Love never compares, never judges, and is never pessimistic.

Love is beyond humanity. Love is everything. At the same time – nothing. Love rests in every being in one form or the other, however is enigmatic. Love can be practised and spread but never be conquered. Love can dominate but never be dominated. Love is like the water to the thirsty, a food to pauper and the nectar in flowers. Love is the beautiful sight your eyes long to see. Love is the rhythmic music your heart wishes to hear. Love is simple yet puzzling. Love is Godlike yet earthly.

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  1. “Love, whether expressed in pleasure or pain, in a passionate embrace or in intense unfulfilled longing, can lead one to a much larger sense of life”- Kahlil Gibran.
    Your article was a beautiful one. A perfect expression of how love reveals itself in our world.


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