The First Kiss

In an upscale bar of Los Angeles…

Federar: I want to kiss you.

Nancy:  Why do you want to kiss me, Mister? [She said mischievously]

Federar: Because I find you hot, gorgeous, to-be-mine.

Nancy: Alright.

Federar: But I’ll kiss you later.

Nancy: O….k. And?

Federar: And that’s that, I guess.

He confessed with a flirty and a contagious smile.

She smiled back irresistibly.

Federar was a total heart-throb in high school. He was and has forever been smart, witty and a wordsmith. What more can a girl ask for? He had one firm rule, though. The First Kiss. Federar had saved it for a special person. Love, to be precise. However, he was an absolute master of flirting. A tease.

Nancy: So, what do we do now?

Federar: The music is great, rhythmic. Why not dance?

Saying this, he gestured for her hand.

She offered it to him.

They danced gracefully. Together. Hand-in-hand. Their bodies were close to each other. It was love, lust and perhaps everything in between.

Nancy: How do you do this?

Federar: Do what?

Nancy: Tempt me!

Federar: I’m charming, I’ve heard.

Nancy: Hmm. And you use it to score women?

Federar: To attract you. Now. Here.

He answered it earnestly. She was looking at his twinkling eyes. There was an element of honesty in his eyes and words.

Federar: Can I surprise you?

Nancy: That’ll be beautiful.

She was falling for him and she knew it perfectly well. She wanted to withdraw, but her tender heart had a mind of its own. Her heart wanted to have him – true and through.

Federar: I’ve never kissed.

Nancy: I believe you.

[She admitted quickly. There was a conviction in her voice.]

Federar: Why do you believe me?

Nancy: Please don’t ask.

Federar: I like you. Maybe… love. I am an old school, genuinely speaking. I don’t come to bars much. I’m charming but contradictorily an introvert. When I entered here, although you were standing in a corner, my eyes naturally fell on you. For some reason, unknown to me. At that very point I had an urge to be close to you. That’s why I picked you for dancing.

Nancy: Hmm.

He had won her heart, rather innocently.

Federar: I may not come here tomorrow or later. So, let’s make the best of this.

But before he could say any further, she gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

The instant she had placed her delicate and glossy lips, the duo felt as if the world around them had fallen away. The kiss was slow, soft, sweet and blissfully romantic. He saw her closed eyes and how she was leaning against his manly chest. Observing this, he ran his finger down her spine in a sensual way. With the other hand, he grabbed her waist and pulled her intimately closer this time – crossing all the boundaries. She was lost in the sizzling moment, surrendered completely.

“How am I so good with this!” he thought to himself. “But I am.” He felt proud.

With no other thought, he devoted himself to the magical moment. They broke the kiss when they were breathless.

Federar: Thank You.

Nancy: Sorry?

Federar: Thank you for the kiss!

She burst out laughing.

Nancy: You’re crazy.

Federar: It’s my first.

Nancy: Hmmm.

Federar: What if the first was the first every time? [He paused for a second or two and then continued] What if with the same person at the same hour and place?

She blushed now.

Nancy: You said you may not come here tomorrow or later. [She teased him.]

Federar: I had kept my first kiss for somebody special. And you’re the one. My God knows it.

Nancy: Thank you then, Señor. [She responded in a playful tone]

Since that night, Federar came to the same bar over and over again for ‘The First Kiss’ with Nancy. Not realising both of them were actually falling in love with each other extraordinarily every single time.

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