Break-up Letter.


It’s not you, it’s me!

We have been in a relationship for sometime now, shared good and bad moments, and grown together. My feelings for you have increased dramatically, to the extent that you’ve influenced my soul, mind and body. Most of my actions today – rather inaction(s) – are a result of that!

Many times, I prepare myself to write beautiful lines, but your power over me affects my thinking process and judgement. I end up taking a U-turn from all the good that I can do and possess. It is said that ‘There just comes a time when two people outgrow each other.’ Our relationship is precisely the same at this moment.

While life is constantly changing and we are a product of it, there are tough decisions we need to make for an imaginable better future. Realising this, I believe we should start walking in different paths now.

Things will be significantly difficult for us, especially in the beginning. But just like good things come to an end, bad things too! In all likelihood, destiny will guide you to a place you truly deserve to be.

Our intimate story has run its natural course. Let us respectfully agree to it. Accepting reality is a part of learning, so let us recognise that. I have walked this lonely road before, and I have to again. But I’m not scared. You shouldn’t be too! Move on, dear, please move on.


[This piece is directed to ‘Writer’s Block’. Why I wrote on this topic? Most of us, writers, suffer from it. To define, Writer’s Block is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. While we struggle to do away with it, only a few of us can pull it off smartly. So, here’s a break-up letter for this suprisingly common condition 😉 This piece is written with humorous intent. Don’t overthink.]

7 thoughts on “Break-up Letter.

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  1. Sweet!!!! Nicely done 🙂
    Hope you didn’t experience any moments of ‘Writer’s Block’ while writing this! 😛

    Keep it up buddy, love reading your work.



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