The Little Wonders of Life

Life’s a bed of roses with thorns. Bad days in the form of monsters come and smile. They spread their wings and flaunt their power. Thankfully, good days too! The sole element that remains constant is the change of time, the alteration. Change is constant, and so is the oscillation of the pendulum. This to and fro motion of the weight is a silent reminder of the passage of time.

While life is taking minor diversions every now and then, which is natural, the long-existing value system of the individual is undergoing modification too. Which side the person takes, defines him and his future. Consequently, his all new karma follows.

When taking a stand and carrying out his exhausting duties, he might forget to admire the little wonders of life – loving the family, kissing a lover, holding a newborn and appreciating the beauty of nature. However, the individual should not forget the unpredictability of life. Who knows an act of God might cease his existence tomorrow. Perhaps, it is for the same reasons, divine intervention has always been respected by the majority.

Life is to be valued and celebrated. There’s no denying that! Maya Angelou rightly said “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”.

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