That Girl I Met.

When I was 24 years old I was working in a small tourism company. Because of the nature of my work I used to travel almost 24/7. For a month I had to stay in Shimla for work purpose. I hadn’t gone to merely work there. I had also gone there to enjoy the hilly region. I have always loved hill stations. They present to you nature at its best form.  The chirping birds, the cool breeze, the greenery take your heart away.

I had boarded the train for returning to my hometown.  The assignment that I had to do in Shimla within a month was completed successfully. After arranging my luggage, I went to sleep. I believe that’s the best way to pass your time when you are travelling by train or even a bus.  I woke up at 10 am and found that the vacant seat in front of mine was now occupied by an old woman and her daughter. The old woman must be pushing sixty. She was in a white sari and holding clutches. Her wrinkled face indicated that she had faced a lot over the years.  Her daughter must be in her early twenties. Her fair skin, black hair and rosy red lips definitely grabbed attention of the males around her.  She was a beautiful and a modest woman. While her mother struggled for even the easiest actions, she helped her in these times.  Her presence was essentially needed.

I was spellbound by her beauty.  I would look at her repeatedly and secretly.  Within seconds she spotted me doing this, and stared at me when her mother looked outside the window or took a nap. Within few minutes we started chatting.

Girl: Why are you doing this?

Me: What?

Girl: Why are you staring at me?

I was stunned by her frankness. I looked at her mother. She was lying down and deep asleep.

Me: I like you. You are cute.

Girl: Shut up and look away.

I looked away.

After few minutes she broke the silence.

Girl: What is your name?

Me: Raj, Yours?

Girl: Nidhi. What do you do for a living?

Me: I work in a tourism company.  Do you work or study?

Nidhi: I work. I am a technical engineer in a company.

And our conversation continued. Sometime later her mother woke up, she did not object to us conversing. Finally, the ice had broken. I knew her name and gathered more information about her as we continued chit-chatting. Her father owned a factory. But he has passed away couple of months ago. So, she was the sole breadwinner of her family now. Our conversation continued. We talked, gossiped and laughed together. Her mother joined us too.  Thankfully, the journey had spiced up.  “She is not that tough a nut to crack” I told myself.

After lunch I went to sleep.  Later when I woke up, I noticed that the duo had left. I was disheartened. “I wish I had her number, we could have continued our friendly relationship.”  Later in the evening, when I was taking out my handkerchief from my pocket, a chit fell down from it. Unfolding it I found the name “Nidhi” and her mobile number written on it.  “She must have placed it my pocket when I was asleep.” I guessed. I felt motivated to contact her. Instantly, I messaged her from my number and asked her to stay in touch. WIthin seconds, she replied “Sure. It was nice meeting you.” I responded ” Same here.”

For days and months we chatted and spoke over phone. We were closer to each other now. Sometimes when I visited her town, I would visit Nidhi and her old mother. It was a good bond we were sharing. Her mother liked me immensely.  She would invite me to her house time and again and when time permitted me I would visit them.

As time passed by and the closeness between Nidhi and I increased, I realized that I may have fallen for her. She has always shown complete and undeviating interest towards me. Surprisingly, Nidhi is my girlfriend now. And we have been in this relationship for the past two years.

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