Just Not One Another

A missing boy in the midst of the crowd… What can be more surprisingly baffling for a father who has just picked up the daily newspaper for the purpose of casual reading? And there he observes the picture of his son- the only son who he had been hunting for the past one year. Finding no trace of him, he had almost given up.

His son is only 12 years old, hardly capable of taking care of himself. He is seen amongst all the cricket lovers present in the Wankhede Stadium.

Now, some interesting facts:

The missing boy was an ardent lover of cricket. His presence quite predictable there but who paid for him to get through the entrance for the match? He has been missing and can’t afford to protect and preserve himself for months.

The missing boy suffers from the habit of sucking his thumb. In the picture, he is viewed with the same behavior.

The missing boy belongs to a farmer’s family of Rajasthan. How could he travel to all the way from there to Bengaluru? Another, unanswered question.

As I thought and thought I couldn’t familiarize myself with this strange circumstance. It not only brought curiosity in the mind of mine but among my colleagues too. This is not a fiction. It is a true story I encountered during my internship.

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