Narrative from a Foreigner

With the arrival in the new country, I was being greeted by some of the people I hardly knew. But they welcomed me with a board of my name. Within hours, my life had undergone a drastic change. This change was good. In a new culture, tradition I had to cope up. I had to understand these people of the place. This was no easy task. Socializing in a personally recognized land is no hard job but when you enter a new place, it’s as much difficult. Language can turn as a barrier, and so it was in my case too. Gestures was something  I was completely relying on. Every now on then I just asked myself “What could this mean?”. But before that, a hundred more gestures followed. I knew, now, after this entire journey, I would be a new man, a far more experienced person.

People say education rules the day, but when you go out and turn yourself  “street smart”, you have not only recognized the knowledge. but experienced it too. You don’t only “meet” people, but you get to know them, you try to understand them. What can be more complicated than a set of “people” with however-much-you-try-to-comprehend but their unpredictable emotions come into the picture?!

The months that followed was something I could and I never can forget. I met some of the most wonderful, or as Indians call “the bestest” people. I met people who changed my perceptions, my beliefs and my thoughts. To grasp all of it into a single idea will not only be difficult but degrading. With this I end my train of thought.

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