Stream of Consciousness

It has been sometime now that I have been running in a rational and logical way. I believed I was a conquerer. But, with experience, I have realized that what really makes me is my heart – a creature that beats inside me every now and then. It tells me to act instictively, to stop planning out things and just execute. I may be seen as an irrational and insane person by the end of this entire chain of thought but it really is my stream of consciousness.

I want to plunge myself to things that are not quite money oriented and easy. Struggle is what I am craving for now, for all my life i have been nurtured and loved by my close people. It is certainly brilliant but now i want to take a step beyond the beautiful elements surrounding me.This is not a teenager ” I can do everything” thought. I am matured, to a great extent.I know what you may feel now. Its easier said than done. It baffles my mind sometimes too. But what’s the fun in doing things that are simple? What’s the fun in being like everyone around oneself? Nothing.

So, here unlike others, I am preparing myself to take the risk.

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