The Dark Boulevard

The black cloth has been laid upon the boulevard
It has changed its appearance size and shape from all that we had heard
The insects of the night are out and making their presence felt
This moment is not gonna stand here still, it is so soon gonna melt
I don’t know what draws me closer to the darker region ahead
I have always been a follower, I have always been carelessly led.

But my steps have made a flow, a flow to know about something
I am strolling, strolling to there, walking like a king
Thoughts are passing in my mind with the speed of dazzling light
I am breaking my self-defeating rules to which I usually abide.
Suddenly I feel a gust of air running through my hair
And my soul is asserting talking to me, an assertion quite pleasantly rare

The wind will blow, the night will darken upon my bright skin
I will take good from bad, to wash off my past sins.
The nights may haunt others for a hundred thousand reasons
But my oath to myself will stand for all the hasty seasons.
An oath to myself I have taken to walk this course and mend
My steps will change to strides by the time I reach that darkest end.

2 thoughts on “The Dark Boulevard

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  1. You ve written it as well as you usually do πŸ™‚ However, the motivations behind this poem need some digging. Phone pe baat karenge πŸ˜›


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