The Sound That Brings to Light

An otherwise quiet earth asks me here
What have I done, done to you?
A serving land is given to you by me, my friend
But you still tramp on me like you never knew.

The waters have chased to cities you’ve known
And some towns that people have hardly walked on
Rekindling the glow of society still
I am doing my duty, I am still singing the song.

The song that that I chant are the hymns of existence
Through me that you have flourished and grown in size
The land that you still use and still overuse
Is not a casual, a trivial prize.

The air is uttering in a graceful tone,
That beauty is not forever burning in the universe around
If you plan to live in the womb of earth
You need to hear the silent sound.

The sound that brings to light
Your disturbance to the natural world
Preservation and enhancement is to be followed
For the further beauty to be unfurled.

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