This poem elaborates that how an individual is born and slowly passing through the ‘World of Men’ i.e. the world of corruption, misery and treachery. He finally reaches death which is ‘splendid’.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” he thought to himself,
Life is just a momentary elf
Lending us problems like it were a gift,
Ticking of time- making it swift
How marvelous it is to be born happy then,
When you ain’t familiar with the world of men.
The life at its end is run by elements unknown,
His end maketh by the struggle he had sown.
His chase persists till his soul wears out,
The muscles start moving and the heart pounds out loud.
They desire some rest, they need a while
But he needs to keep pacing for there’s more a mile.
Harmony is achieved when he reaches the point,
The path till then was surely unkind.
Splendid is the feeling he realizes then,
For he passed through the world, the world of men.

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