God Fearing

The God was watching the Earth down below. He knew the phase was changing. He was acquainted with the idea that atheism was flourishing. People asked about the God’s presence now. They questioned it. This has happened time and again. All time it occurs there comes an explicit moment when the God decides to restore what he had created. He has realized this action and does it. If humans aim of God-becoming, he destroys the clan. It happens and it will happen always. God doesn’t intend to loose power. He is power-hungry too. He is the one who has created the universe. He has the power to dismantle it anyhow, anytime.

God likes slaves in awe. We, humans, are his slaves. Not by birth, but from the time of unicellular existence. It is interesting to notice, that none of us notice this. We witness all new elements in our life-elements that come and go. Elements, that, hardly, possess any known meaning. But we fail where we aren’t supposed to. Is it good? Perhaps, yes.

Negligence is bliss. Probably, it is. It’s because a complete comprehension of God’s pattern of duty will direct us to power. It will bring further atheism. It will bring with it a sensation of all-knowledge about Him. It will be ungrateful to God. He will be revolted. Atheism has never been all conquerable. Because if it had, God, Allah or Bhagwaan would not have co-existed. If there is a lives a part of the world that follows atheism, there is the other world which believes in religion, culture and custom. Either will live while other survives.

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