Morning Prayer

This morning I see a significant sight
It’s keeping me numb, it’s keeping me light.
A splendid thought runs in mind
For it is difficult to know and uneasy to find.
Gorgeous looks everything, gorgeous looks the sky
Nothing is bad, bad is nothing- it is but a momentary lie.
Solemn is the moment I spend, solemn is the joy.
I am not a man for now, I am a just a boy.
A boy is happy, happy he is,
He has nothing even to care.
Life is only a fun for him,
Happiness for him to share.
Innocence has a no substitute, it carries a pure state,
All according to it is but destined by his fate.
So be child-like, never sin though it may appear just a bore,
God will love thou and see to it that He opens one another door.
This door will lead to paradise,
This door will lead to sparkle you
And again you will blush at your innocence,
For you’ll be one in a few.

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