Solving Problems

Oh! What a sensation I felt,
I could never say;
It was like the dawn,
The dawn of a new day.
I had a feeling,
I had never realized;
For I had been a beginner,
I never diced.
Now I see things,
I had never seen;
Now I am,
What I had never been.
I feel all-powerful,
I feel omnipresent;
Here I had come,
And here I went.
I am like the air,
Impossible to hold;
Turn me on,
And I am bold.
Time doesn’t stop ,
But I stop by it;
And rectify all,
Which doesn’t fit.
People have problems,
And they come to me;
I am no-one,
But a part of “we”.
He goes,
And again he comes,
For I am enjoying solving problems;
Doing them undone.

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