My Fame

(This poem depicts the emotions of a long time forgotten guitarist who is remembering his days of fame. Now, the times have changed. He is sad and depressed. He requests young guitarists to possess emotional stability over anything else.)

I had friends, I had the fun,
It was the time when the sun never sunk.
Life was simple, life was a game,
It was my days of golden fame.
I was the winner, the winner of a kind.
The music when flowed in my soul and mind.
I loved the power, the power of the persons,
My songs were sung through the lips of fathers and sons.
But when the sun sinks, the darkness conquers all,
Seeing yourself defamed is a pathetic fall.
With the bad comes the good, with the good comes the bad.
Balance yourself well, you do have the time lad!

7 thoughts on “My Fame

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  1. Hi Son,
    Wonderful thoughts & reading.
    Solid message for life.
    All of us need to remember & keep working to make this world happier so that even during our hey days world is available around us.
    Proud of you.
    Keep creating.


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