My Lost Kingdom

A shimmering light has approached this shore Originating from my native land A territory very far from here Was swept away from my wealthy hand.I am the lost King who ruled the kingdom That you see a hundred miles away I had the love of my people and for them I laid down democratic and... Continue Reading →

Good Vibes

Bloody demons of the night beware A gratifying tune is taking the air. It induces people to do harmonic deeds Mutating surroundings to white and fair. The stars now are shining twinkling bright The cosmic fairies have taken a step descend They welcomingly meet the men of Earth Relieving sorrow and happiness lend. The tiny... Continue Reading →

“Masterji!” – A Name I Like to Live By

"Masterji!" she called. "Haan beta." I replied. "Aapne kuch laya?" Searching through my bundle of letters for her mother's name, I finally said "Nahi beta. Par main aapke liye kuch aur laya hoon." I extended my hand to give her a Mango Bite. She smiled cutely without losing a second. The small girl standing in... Continue Reading →

Three Friends and A Small Truth

The Sun was descending in the evening sky looking spectacular in all it's glory. The playful sea waves touched the shores time and again, retreating seconds afterwards. Some tourists relaxed in the sweet spots while few others played the outdoorsy beach games, taking fullest advantage of their vacation. I was sitting in a modest, sea-side... Continue Reading →

COVID 19 – The Night You Didn’t Expect.

The Night has fallen with graves settling here and everywhere. The wolves howl out loud facing the darkness that tames them beyond their control. These ferocious dogs of the forests run and chase but teethless they remain. Surrendered. Powerless in the eyes of the dreadful night that has eclipsed the shine of the day. This... Continue Reading →

My Desperate Attempt to Return Home

COVID-19 has compelled migrant workers to return to their hometowns as they are without job, money, shelter and food. With vehicular movement restrictions, they have to walk for hundreds of miles to reach their respective places. Few days ago, a 12-year old girl lost her life when she was returning from Telangana to Chattisgarh. She... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 and Time Travel

Till decades ago, families and relatives spent time together and the bond of love, trust and brotherhood was strongly intact. The older generation narrated stories and experiences of their past while the younger generation attentively listened to them. When the kids had doubts, they asked naively and got it cleared. Homely food prepared on chullah... Continue Reading →

“Please Give Me Some Food!”

"Please give me some food!" he kept asking every time a pedestrian passed by. He didn't look at their clothes or belongings. He just begged. I saw this beggar everyday as my modest restaurant in Beach Road, Australia was just across the street where he daily stationed himself. He had a long beard, brown eyes... Continue Reading →

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